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The Allegheny Front

Jan 28, 2022

Plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against U.S. Steel asked a judge to find the company violated the Clean Air Act 12,000 times after a 2018 fire. A rare but deadly virus carried by deer ticks has been found in high numbers in a township park. A city kid learns to love winter through a cold and snowy camping trip.

Jan 21, 2022

How waste coal is fueling Bitcoin in Pennsylvania. A new state report says a third of Pa. streams are impaired. A grant will help disadvantaged farmers get conservation assistance in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We take a winter hike to appreciate nature and head to a cabin in the woods to unplug.

Jan 15, 2022

The life and work of famed biologist E.O. Wilson. A researcher is hoping to fill in the gaps on Pennsylvania's bee populations. Black farmers in Pittsburgh are looking to provide fresh, local food in an area with no grocery store. A local teen focuses on litter.

Jan 7, 2022

We talk to a reporter who has chronicled the catastrophic environmental legacy of coal. Advocates hope new federal money will help clean up waterways polluted from mine drainage. A startup uses technology to make farming easier. The Mariner East pipeline, plagued by delays and environmental damage, will soon...